Anaïs Defago (1987) lives and works in Lausanne. She graduated from ECAL in 2011 and then opted for her Masters at the same school in 2014. Anaïs Defago uses images taken from a prosaic daily life that she herself feeds, an important visual lexicon subsequently re-injected into her work. She creates silent but surprisingly rich and aesthetic images, where one finds the ends of sidewalks, urban tics, unfortunate arrangements of confetti, obscure drips, exhausted doormats and arranged windows.

Anaïs Defago

Vitrine (Le Plic), 2020

Wood, acrylic paint, Plexiglas, adhesive, epoxy resin
50 ✕ 40 ✕ 8 cm

Schlitz und Zigarette, 2019

Acrylic resin, paint, cigarette butt
80 ✕ 55 ✕ 12.5 cm

Vitrine (Window), 2017

Wood, enamel, Plexiglas, one-way adhesive, blinds, neon
140 ✕ 91 ✕ 14 cm

Untitled (rainure, fissure et cigarette), 2020

Acrylic resin, paint, cigarette butt
61.5 ✕ 61.5 ✕ 4 cm

Vitrine (Plat Horizon), 2017

Wood, enamel, Plexiglas, adhesives (false reflection)
75 ✕ 90 ✕ 10 cm

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