Paul Paillet (1986) lives and works in Geneva. He graduated from l'ENSA of Dijon, and from HEAD in Geneva. Paul Paillet creates images and objects in which different layers of reference cohabit. In addition, superimposing personal and collective stories at the heart of the objects often gives them an appearance of fragility. And with colour, it is either presented very timidly, or else it appears to have been applied too heavily.

Paul Paillet

BRUME, 2019

plaster, paper, gouache
49,5  ✕  54 cm

Dancing McSpoon on Fire, 2020

Estrella mat paper, cast iron powder (framed)
42  ✕  49 cm


plaster, paper, gouache, graphite
43  ✕  58,7 cm

It spoke in as sweet and silvery tones, 2020

Estrella mat paper (framed)
56  ✕  40 cm

BRISE, 2019

plaster, paper, gouache, graphite
41,1  ✕  55 cm

A screen to far less annoyance than the Pit of the theatres, 2020

Estrella mat paper, gouache (framed)
100  ✕  140 cm

SOLEIL, 2019

paper, plaster, gouache
36  ✕  54 cm

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