Ye Xe (1987) lives and works in Geneva. She graduated from HEAD Geneva. Across diverse materials and mediums, her works unfolds along various antinomies such as materiality and spirituality, code and off-track. The construction of the work defines themselves as spatiotemporal-based mutating research, an ongoing reflexive reconfiguration through materialistic spectrum, assigned as a device that propounds the possibilities for knowledge construction.

Ye Xe

Untitled (or the old möbius strip 1, 2), 2019 


Oil on canvas / Silicone, pigment on canvas
165 ✕ 110 cm

Untitled, 2020


Oil on canvas 
165 ✕ 110 cm

Untitled, 2019 


Mixed media on canvas
100 ✕ 200 cm

Robust Literature (Caving), 2020 


Mixed media on canvas
220 ✕ 90 cm

RLS3, 2020 


Mixed media on canvas
180 ✕ 110 cm

01material, 2020 


Glazed porcelain
about 45 ✕ 65 cm

To find out more about the artist please contact the curator, Laurence Favez, directly.