Marianne Herjean graduated from the Versailles landscape school in 2015. It was the following year, during a long stay in China, that she was introduced to painting and the poetry of global landscapes. She looks for the forms that are given to her to see "in situ" in the landscape. Like icons, the landscape returns and makes a presence to be seen, facing each other. What appears is that which wants to appear: pebbles, elbows, petals, wind. Between drawing, calligraphy and painting, she seeks an ecology of those who can be collected by the trace of a gesture; a sound, a light, the memory of a form.

Marianne Herjean

L’Origine du trouble, 2021

Pastel et acrylique sur papier
80 ✕ 65 cm

Kelp 2, 2021

Gouache, pigment et pastel sur papier
185 ✕ 120 cm

Jardin sourire, 2021

Acrylique et pastel sur papier
105 ✕ 78 cm

Ciel 3, 2020

Peinture à l’huile et pastel sur papier
100 ✕ 70 cm

Sirnea, 2022

Pastel et crayon sur papier
42 ✕ 29.7 cm

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Marianne Herjean