Carole Gorgé, "créartiste" likes to define herself as a director of imaginary spaces, emotions, serenity, and fulfillment. Through her creations, she seeks to communicate her vision of her specific universe. Painting, drawing, sewing, gluing, tinkering, cutting, sanding, renovating, decorating and transforming are all activities that she carries out using inspiring materials, from paper to concrete; fabric to wood. Her aesthetic universe, both methodical and rigorous, is populated by both organic and geometric forms. From 2011 to 2013, she studied interior architecture at the Athenaeum in Lausanne where she explored art history as well as drawing and conceptual design.

Carole Gorgé

Le scrabble

Structure avec toile tendue
45 ✕ 30 cm

Le Damier

Structure avec toile tendue
63 ✕ 50 cm

Le Dé Kalés

Structure avec toile tendue
80 ✕ 25 cm

Les collines de sel

Structure avec toile tendue
40 ✕ 30 cm

Big Lego

Structure avec toile tendue
128 ✕ 17 cm

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