Anton Hasler is a self-taught artist. After his university studies and a trip around the world, he decided to devote himself completely to his passion, and in 2018 embarked on a career as a freelance artist. Inspired by themes such as antiquity and symbolism, he adds to his works an exotic dimension that is important to him. These multiple references then mesh together in order to create spaces inhabited by objects or characters on the border of reality, with a strong dreamlike dimension where the present, the past, and the future mix together. A surveyor artist, he does not limit himself to a single medium and works as much with painting and engraving as sculpture. He currently lives and works in Brussels where he is completing a master's degree in contemporary artistic practice.

Anton Hasler

The house is burning but I still want you to come

Technique mixte et collage sur toile
180 ✕ 155 cm

Piano under palm trees

Digital painting

Tête à l’envers

Technique mixte sur toile

140 x 100 cm

The opened door ou l’allégorie d’une vie

Simulation de sculpture sur le Léman



Gravure à l’acide sur papier 300 gr

10 x 15 cm


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