Jade (1974) lives and works in Anthy-sur-Léman, France. She discovered clay at the age of 5 in her aunt's workshop. After 15 years in this workshop, she began with the preparatory workshop of ESAG, Paris, and obtained her diploma as a creator in communication and visual environment in 1997 at ATEP. She has exhibited her work since 1998 at fairs such as GMAC, Contemporary Art 2000, Critical Figuration, and Révélations in Paris, and she exhibits in galleries in France and abroad. Jade molds and engraves in the clay small souls charged with emotions. Prisoners in their coats, like a tattooed, scarred second skin. The face is precise, the body is evoked. She envelops her characters, and weaves clay cocoons.


Buste le manteau

Pièce unique en grès et oxydes, 2021
42 ✕ 28 x 22 cm

Buste avec poches

Pièce unique en grès et oxydes, 2020
25 ✕ 16 x 13 cm

Fauteuil “Regarder dans la même direction”

Pièce unique en grès et oxydes, 2019
27 ✕ 18 x 19 cm

Cocon mère-fille aux yeux fermés

Pièce unique en grès et oxydes, 2020
27 ✕ 11 x 6 cm

Montagne haute

Pièce unique en grès, oxydes et émail à la cendre, 2019
44 ✕ 12 x 12 cm

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