Since 2014 painting entered Jessie Odot’s life with the desire to let go, and she is essentially a self-taught artist. She does work of deconstruction and reconstruction by mixing different styles and techniques, mainly in portraiture and with oil paintings. She is curious about all styles and techniques as long as the result emanates one or more emotions without pretensions. The portrait is her favorite subject, and it was revealed to her by drawing in gray pencil at the age of 16, during a very special period of her life.

Jessie Odot

Pour trait

Oil on canvas
40 ✕ 50cm

Vague à l’âme

Oil on canvas
30 ✕ 40cm


Oil on canvas
80 ✕ 80cm


Oil on canvas
35 ✕ 32 cm


Oil on canvas
60 ✕ 90 cm


Oil on canvas
40 ✕ 50 cm

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