Naomi Middelmann (1973) was born in Vevey, lived in New York for several years, and now lives in Lausanne. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University (USA) and a postgraduate of the Visual Art school of Basel, she has participated in solo and group shows in galleries and art fairs in Switzerland, Europe, and the USA. Working with different mediums and processes, she is interested in exploring the question of memory and identity. Most recently, she has been creating layers of memory maps of places she remembers and imagines on paper, gauze and canvas. She actively collaborates with neuroscientists from the UNIL and Vanderbilt University. She recently received a grant from the Etat de Vaud to pursue an art residency in a neuroscience research lab.

Naomi Middelmann


Pigment and ink on canvas
190 ✕ 120 cm

Meanderings of my incongruent mind

Pigment, ink and charcoal on canvas
120 ✕ 190 cm

Memory mapping

Ink and charcoal on canvas
40 ✕ 60 cm

Memory skins 1

Gauze, string and recycled canvas
100 ✕ 120 cm

Memory skins 2

Gauze, ink and recycled canvas
80 ✕ 100 cm

Change of context

Gauze, pigments and ink
40 ✕ 60 cm

Fragility of self

Gauze, ink and spraypaint
80 ✕ 80 cm


Recycled canvas sculpture
30 ✕ 30 x 30 cm

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